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Andrew & Megan Yates – Opryland Wedding Photography

Megan Yates definitely receives my “Brave Bride” of the year award! Megan contacted me last year about shooting her wedding on September 6, 2009. Now the reason that she gets the brave bride award is because we actually never met in person until I walked into the room where she was getting ready on the day of her wedding! We corresponded via telephone & email because they were living in New Jersey. Megan knew exactly what she wanted her wedding to look like and she even emailed me a couple of samples from the “Mad Men” show. Megan & Andrew were married at Opryland Hotel and had their reception in the Magnolia Ballroom.


Below are some shots of the “Mad Men” waiting in style…

yates3 yates4 yates5 yates2

This was one of the funniest moments that I have ever seen during the “Toast” moment. You know the picture where the bride & groom are supposed to take their glasses and wrap-around-each-others-arms-and-take-a-drink photo? Well, these guys were attempting to do that but kept bumping into each others hands and drinks and getting their arms all locked up in weird positions.. well, finally they just raised their glasses and said “CHEERS!”


Not only were these guys stylin’ & profylin’ but wow, could they dance! They had their first dance totally choreographed and I don’t even remember them sitting down to eat because they were dancing the entire time!


Thanks again, Megan & Andrew for trusting me enough to photograph your Nashville Wedding even though we had never met face to face until the day of! You guys were awesome!