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Ashley & Logan Pascarella – The Factory, Franklin TN

I’d like to thank Ashleys Brideguide for allowing me to use this wonderful questionnaire for my brides! This months featured bride is Ashley Smith Pascarella! I’ve asked Ashley to share with my readers about her special day! Thanks so much!


About us:


- Name : Ashley Smith

- Hometown and high school (if Nashville-area)- Piney Flats, TN ( Noone ever knows where it is!) East Tennessee


- Name- Logan Pascarella

- Hometown and high school (if Nashville-area)- Salamanca, New York

My wedding details:

o Wedding date & time? We got married on September 11th, 2010 at 5 p.m.

o Ceremony/ Reception location: The ceremony and reception were held at The Factory at Franklin in Liberty Hall

o # guests: 240 guests attended the wedding

My wedding style:

o My wedding style? (such as classic, modern, timeless, feminine, romantic, fun, whimsical, spring fling, etc…) We liked so many different things that were classified into so many different wedding styles. Every month when I got a new bride catalog I liked something else. I learned quickly that many things can be incorporated and used from different styles as longs as you connect into your style and theme.


o My colors and why I choose them? We chose dark green and chocolate brown with mango as our accent color. The dark green to look like grass and leaves and the brown to match the tree trunks, twigs and sticks. Because our first wedding location was supposed to be outside we wanted everything to flow….looking like an enchanting forest. Even though forecasted rain caused us to completely change our wedding venue within 5 days we felt we were able replicate the look we wanted indoors.


o My theme? Natural…..We wanted everything to look classy and natural.

o Wedding wow factor? (What did your guests love?) Our out of town guests seemed to really enjoy the Welcome Bags at the hotel. We had many out of town guests from New York so we filled he bags with things from Tennessee such as Jack Daniels, Sweet Tea, Moon Pies with an R.C. Cola, a bottle of wine, water and Lay’s Potato chips. I learned more about these foods and where they were first produced than I ever wanted to know! We created a book for our guests with useful info. of restaurants, shopping, etc. We put one of engagement photos on the front where we were wearing “cool” shades. The front of the book read “ Cool places to visit and see while your in Nashville, TN”. At the wedding many of the guests seemed to be “wowed” by our seating charts which were written on old window panes we actually bought at the flea market. We painted the windows an antique white and wrote the names in the same color. Our caterer laid chocolate brown linen behind them and it really made them pop! When we searched for wedding venues and locations we never found an archway that I wanted to be married under. I wanted something that again looked natural and whimsical. Our family actually built our archway using vines, branches and chiffon material. The first time I saw it I couldn’t believe my eyes! I even heard the groomsmen talking about how cool they thought it was! You know when you’ve impressed the boys or done something they took time to notice you have done a pretty good job!


Favors? Our favors doubled as our seating cards. Since we used the window panes to let people know which table they were sitting at, the table cards were already at their table with their individual names on the front. When they opened the seating card the top of it read, “ Meeting each other was a dream come true….wishing you some luck today too!” Below the quote we attached a lottery scratch ticket. On the back we had shiny new pennies attached with a small glue dot that allowed guests to pull them off and scratch for their winnings. We later found the pennies in some of the votives where guests had played “Flip Penny” instead of Flip Cup into the votives. Ha

Personalized touches? Our friends interviewed both Logan and I separately and asked questions about our first date, life in 5 yrs, etc. They created a color photo flyer with our engagement picture and posted them in the bathroom stalls (like you see ads posted in bathrooms in downtown nashville). I heard guests talking about them all night and found them in people’s hands as they were walking out the door! We also wanted our parents to be a big part of our wedding so we added wedding photos of our parents to the entrance tables. It was adorable b/c they both were having their “first kiss” in their photos.

• Gift for bridesmaids? Our Bridesmaids received 3 strand freshwater pearl necklaces. Our flower girls also received pearl necklaces but they were actually still inside the oyster! The girls were so excited to open up their clam shells to find out what color their pearl was going to be! The necklaces were purchased on

• Groomsmen? Our groomsmen received Case pocket Knives engraved with their initials (Case knives are manufactured close to Logan’s hometown). Our ring bearers were given boxes that said “To our All-Star RB” with football stickers all around. Inside the box they received their very own Titans jerseys.

Most special moment for me? I will never forget the first time I stepped up on the step that Logan had made me in the bride room. I had said to him so casually one day that a princess steps on a step when she puts on a beautiful dress and looks in the mirror. While I was at my bachelorette party Logan made a beautiful step and mirror for me to use on our wedding day. It was set up in the bride room and I felt so special when I put on my dress and took that step and looked into the mirror. Myrick took great pictures so I will be able to remember that moment forever. The entire wedding was very special for me and an absolute dream come true. The night seemed to fly by with so many special parts and memories.


What I did for the kids in my wedding? I will always remember getting to dance on stage with all the kids to their favorite Disney songs. The children faces when they saw Logan and I for the first time were priceless. They laugh and giggle at school and talk about when Mr. Wogan kissed Ms. Ashwey! The children had balls, toys and lots of room to run and play. Some of the children played in the “Play room” during the ceremony and came out and danced the night away at the reception. We ordered 24,000 ivory and mango rose petals from Ecuador to line the aisle for the ceremony. We found the rose petals on a site on EBAY. The price was amazing! After the ceremony the rose petals were pushed to the sides of the dance floor. The children had a blast playing in the rose petals and sprinkling them all over the dancing crowd! By the end of the night people had rose petals all over their feet!


My wedding vendors:

• Vendors hired and role?

• Rehearsal Dinner- Our rehearsal dinner was held at Boxwood Bistro in the upstairs attic portion of the restaurant. The upstairs also opens up to an outside deck where they usually have live entertainment. We had a hard time finding a venue for the rehearsal dinner that could fit the 60 guests we had attending. The food and service were wonderful and our guests loved the outdoor option. Our guests received chocolate covered sunflower seeds as a favor. Most of them were eaten before the food even arrived. Many people have e-mailed me asking where to get them. WARNING! They are addictive!

• Planner- We wanted to plan for the wedding ourselves but definetly wanted help on the special day. We hired a day of Coordinator who was also available to run our rehearsal the night before. Our D.O.C was Shea Freeman. Our floral arrangmenets were also designed by Shea Freeman and purchased from Freeman’s flowers that is located in Westhaven. Our floral bouquets and arrangements turned out beautiful!

• Cake- We meet many vendors at bridal shows for cakes and went to a few tastings. We really like the cakes that Stephanie Felts had designed and felt very comfortable working with her. Our cake was designed and delivered by the Sweetest Day.

• Caterer- Logan wanted to make sure we had “Good food” at the wedding and still weeks after I am still hearing from people how good the food was at the reception. We chose Ambrosia Catering and worked with Sandy Ambrogia. Sandy and her staff worked very hard make our special day perfect and did so many things above and beyond what you would expect from a catering company.

• Photo- We spent four months looking for a photographer. Hour after hour every night we went through websites rating photographers. We met a few at bridal shows but never made the “right” connection. I was set on finding the photographer that I thought did amazing work. We found Myrick Studios while we were looking at Nashville Photographers on The When we spoke with him he had so many options for packages and had our wedding date open! We booked him(Myrick Cowart)and had our engagement photos done a month later. I fell in love with the pictures and we used them for our save the date cards. I watched as he posted wedding after wedding counting down the days until it was our turn to get beautiful pictures. My family and friends are amazed at the wedding photos and I find myself looking at them every single day :).


• Video- We knew early on that we definitely wanted to have our wedding videoed. We had heard two many times that the night flies by and it is so hard to remember things that happen. We had spent 8 months planning this day and wanted to be able to remember those moments and having the “special day” to share with our own children one day. We hired Josh Queener from OnQProductions out of Knoxville, TN to do our videography.

• Invitations- Our wedding programs were Eco Botanical made from ivory mulberry paper with real leaf inclusions of peach and light green. They were ordered from Our wedding invitations were Ivory and Chocolate brown. They were purchased at Jo Ann’s. After we purchased them we paid to have them heat embossed both inside and out and had the matching embossing put onto the envelope. We had this designed by Janice Jones a Stampin’ Up. She also made our save the date cards, they were chocolate brown and included our engagement photo. Myrick took some photos of us on hay bales at Carnton Plantation. We used these photos and then tied twine diagonally on the paper and put a knot in the center. The card then said, “Logan and Ashley are tying the knot!”

• bridal gown: I had a hard time at the beginning of my wedding dress search. Because most stores used a standard size I was very disappointed to have clothes pins all over me to see what the dress “may” look like when I ordered it in my size. My mother and I decided that we would have the dress made. My mom designed the dress and we had it custom made at Romantic Creations in Hillsboro Village. I loved my dress and wish I could wear it every other weekend!

• bridesmaid dresses: We ordered the bridesmaid dresses from . My bridesmaids were in so many weddings prior and had more to be in and I wanted to be very conscious of the money I was asking them to spend on a dress. The dresses on the site can be selected in any color and fabric and they were very well made. The prices were unbelievable for the quality and I was also able to get my flower girl dresses on the site. Because it was the same company the accent colors on their dresses matched exactly to the bridesmaid dresses.

• tuxes- Our tuxedos were chocolate brown with an ivory shirt. The tuxedos were rented from Bittners which did an excellent working with all of our out of town groomsmen. The price was wonderful and the quality of the tuxedos was amazing!

• Rings: Logan researched and picked out the engagement ring all by himself! He did an amazing job. We purchased my wedding band from Platinum jewelers in Cool Springs. His wedding band was purchased from Crown Jewelers in Franklin, TN

• Music/Lighting: Our music and lighting was done by Peter Vasque at Springtree Media Productions. Peter worked so hard to make sure everything was perfect. He is very talented and did a great job at creating the perfect atmosphere for each moment throughout the night.

• décor, etc. – We rented some of our bigger decor items from Fabu event rentals. Our tables, chairs and linens were rented through our caterer. We were also able to get many of our tables from The Factory. All of our other decorations were purchased ourselves. We spent months waiting for things to go on sale and checking unique stores for those special pieces.

o My faves – highly recommend- Our photographer. When the special day is over all the built up stress and anxiety seems to go away. It s a different feeling because up until that point you have planned every day and always had the next box on your to-do list. When I was relaxing on the honeymoon, I kept getting that excited feeling to see our pictures! Now that we have them I would not trade them for anything. They captured so many moments in such a special way! I want them for birthday presents and Christmas presents. Our home may end up looking like a shrine of our special day:)

o How I found my vendors – bridal shows, wedding planning resources, friends? We used the to create our wedding website and also used their search engines to find local vendors. We attended three bridal shows and also picked up information there.

My wedding rewind:

o What I would do differently if planning again? Plan a “Plan B”!!!! Our wedding was planned for 8 months down to every detail. The small detail we refused to plan was what we would do if it rained! (Our wedding was planned to be an all outdoor ceremony and reception) When we did the 10 day forecast the weather looked horrible for the entire week and weekend of the wedding. We decided to move the entire wedding 5 days prior! Our first wedding location was too large to be tented so we moved the wedding to The Factory. Everyone at The Factory was so helpful and amazing to work with! Now that it is all over we felt so lucky to have had the wedding there. Everything felt more than perfect!

o Biggest waste of time or money? Giving out your name and number to too many vendors at bridal shows. Make sure you are really interested in the service or product. Otherwise you will get many calls that you will not have time for during the planning process; some calls don’t stop.

o Best value for the service/product? Friends! We could not have pulled everything together, especially considering the venue change without the help of some of our friends and family. They covered the details of letting everyone know the venue change, getting things to the venue and helping us decorate all 14,000 sq. ft. of Liberty Hall! I thought all of our vendors were amazing in price and product! We also visited Hobby Lobby frequently and bought our vases when they would go 50%. We also found very unique pieces to add to the wedding at Tuesday Morning.

o Neatest find? The Factory; having availability for a wedding day on such short notice. They are booked months and even sometimes years in advance and we felt so blessed to have such an amazing venue be available. Tammi Pryce was wonderful to work with and helped us pull everything together within 5 days!

Include anything else you want brides-to-be to know about you wedding, vendors, tips, etc.

Make it a day about you and your soon to be husband. There are so many etiquette rules and traditions but make sure you choose to do things that you feel comfortable with and that are a reflection of the love that you share. Guests want to feel the comfortable true feeling of love rather than how nice your silverware is! Don’t sweat the little details that people won’t notice. As you attend weddings or are in weddings prior to your wedding date sit down after the wedding and really think about what you remembered. Keep a running list of those things and every time you start to stress about the edge of the napkins, remember that you didn’t even notice if the other weddings had napkins! Have the time of your life!!!