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Beverly & Christian Miller – Walkin’ in Memphis…

I haven’s been to Memphis since I was a kid so it was a blast getting to hang with these guys for the weekend here! Beverly & Christian got married at Colliersville United Methodist and had their reception at The Clark Memphis Opera Center.  They chose to see each other before the wedding so as you will see in the shots below, we set up a little “moment” for them to have together to try to soak it all in that…. there were about to get…. MARRIED!!  I am going to be featuring Beverly as my guest blogger here in the next couple of days so that she can tell you more about her big day! So for now, let’s get to the pictures because I have to get back editing!
miller2 miller3
miller1 miller4

Well, part of my job is capturing some pretty funny moments…especially at the receptions!  I actually think that I captured their first “intense moment” as husband and wife in the images below.  Luckily it seems to end up in a happy ending! I kinda do wonder though what she was talking to him about?  He seemed to really give a good answer for her questioning because it ended in a very sweet hug!  YEAY for The Millers for conflict resolution!  LOL!


And I wish I could say that they rode off into the sunset… butt, (no pun intended) it looks like they had quite the view as they left in their limo!