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Casey & Brad – Bowling Green, KY Wedding Photography

Planning a DIY wedding? Meet Casey & Brad Harrell! These guys put together quite the amazing wedding and Casey shares with us a few great ways to save $$!

Special Thanks to Ashley’s Brideguide for supplying me with this questionnaire!

~ Name: Casey Leigh Francis
~ Hometown & High School Bowling Green, KY Greenwood High School

~ Name: Bradley Harrell
~ Hometown & High School same as bride
Wedding Details:
~ Wedding Date & Time: May 19, 2012 at 6 p.m.
~ Ceremony & Reception Location: Ceremony- Eastwood Baptist Church Reception-Bowling Green Country Club Bowling Green, KY
~ # of guests: 200

Wedding Style:
~ What was your wedding style? {classic? modern? timeless? feminine? romantic? fun? whimsical? spring fling? vintage? shabby chic? etc.} I feel like mine was fun, and simple classic. Not overly fancy but just simple classy touches
~ What were your colors? Champagne Why did you chose them? Easy to match to and because in 25 years it will still be a classic color
~ Did you have a theme? What was it? NO theme
~ What did you use for inspiration? {magazines? blogs? websites? etc.} My brain

Wedding Scoop:
~ What was your budget? My parents did this
~ What was your wedding WOW factor? {What did your guests love?} The guests said that they just loved our ceremony. Our pastor rocked the house! I also think that the girls picking out their own dresses but all wearing different colored shoes was a great statement!
~ What did you give as favors to your guests? We didn’t do favors
~ How did you personalize your wedding? It was personalized because Brad and I are very low key people. We don’t love intentional attention and so I feel like our wedding was presented so that everyone else was happy and having a good time. I wanted people to feel like it was just another great get together.
~ What did you give your bridesmaids and groomsmen? The girls got earrings and flip flops, the groomsmen got ties.
~ What was your most special moment of the day? Seeing Brad say his vows. I will remember his face for the rest of my life.
~ Did you have kids at your wedding? What did you do for them? Yeah my two nieces and Preston, the ring bearer. I got the girls some bracelets to wear…not sure what Brad did for Preston
~ Did you Do It Yourself? Or, did you leave it to the professionals? Did it myself with a boatload of help from my friends. Except for the flowers. I hired a lady for that.
~ If you did DIY, what was your favorite project? Why? I don’t know why people make such a big deal about the details. Everything always ends up perfect, so I guess my favorite project was just having everyone work together to make it reflect Brand and I. The projects themselves were really no fun at all.

Wedding Vendors:- Please Provide website links if at all possible!
~ Planner: MYSELF!
~ Cake(s): Sugarbakers Confections
~ Caterer:
~ Photographer: Myrick Cowart
~ Videographer: none
~ Stationery: none
~ Bridesmaid Dresses: they all picked out their own.
~ Rings: Genesis
~ Music: Debbie Lanham
~ Decorations/Detail:
~ Bridal Gown: Merlilli in Coral Gables, FL
~ Tuxes: Jos A. Bank- they were suits
~ Accessories: random places
~ Flowers: Jannette Boehman
~ Transportation: none
~ Gifts:;;

Wedding Rewind:
~ What would you do differently if you could start back at the beginning? nothing
~ What do you consider the biggest waste of time and/or money? Napkins, candy, the little items
~ What do you consider the best value for the service and product? We got the venue for free and all of the serving ware and table cloths, we had to just use their caitering.
~ What was the neatest thing you found for your wedding? No idea

~ What was your biggest {and best} splurge? OPEN BAR!

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