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Dean & Ginger Germain – Rock Castle Weddings in Hendersonville, TN

Being asked to shoot the wedding of longtime friends was truly an honor for photographer Myrick Cowart.  Dean & Ginger are some of his favorite people on the planet and all of us here at Myrick Studios had the feeling their wedding would be as incredible as they are.  They didn’t disappoint…


The day started out grey and cloudy with a sprinkle here and there but by noon the clouds had dispersed and the sun was streaming through the trees on the beautiful, lakeside property in Hendersonville known as Historic Rock Castle. Which was the perfect setting for the classically elegant theme. Turquoise and silver was the color scheme and anything that could sparkle did. From the crystal globes from Art Pancake to the linens provided by Grand Central Party even down to the rhinestone accents embellishing Gingers bouquet created by good friend Debbie Martin. Bling was the word of the day.


The apparel was splendid! The grooms sported tux’s from Men’s Wearhouse and the bridesmaids shimmered in turquoise satin gowns from The White Room. And then there was the Bride….


She took everyone’s breath away when she made her grand entrance in a horse drawn carriage from Sugar Creek Carriages. Her gown… breathtaking, all lace and also from The White Room. Her sweet daddy let a tear or two escape as he helped his baby girl from the carriage and guided her down the aisle to her groom.


Along with being asked to photograph this event they also requested that Myrick contribute his musical talents to the special day. Not an easy feat but with his great assistant, Aly helping out he was able to successfully juggle both roles.

Ceremony over and it was time to party and Dean & Ginger know how to party! With Spangler Entertainment keeping the tunes playing and 8 Lavender Lane seeing that everyone had a tummy full of excellent fare how could the night go wrong? In keeping with the bride and grooms preference for their favorite libation the Jack Daniels theme seasoned the reception tent. From the custom made glasses to the incredible grooms cake provided by The Bake Shoppe you were never without a reminder of what was in everyone’s glasses that evening.


To top the festivities off Dean honored us with quite a show as he prepared to remove his new brides garter. He lip synced along with Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” whilst stripping off his jacket and gyrating around Ginger until we were all breathless with laughter.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all and it will be an evening to remember.

Best wishes Dean & Ginger!