Photography at its core definition is the art and practice of capturing a moment that is alive and recording it into something that can last forever...

Philosophy & Ethos

May we begin by clearing up a very common misconception about photography? Yes, it’s photography, but it’s not just a job of taking good pictures of a bride and groom and flowers and the wedding party and a cake. Photography at its core definition is the art and practice of capturing a moment that is alive and recording it into something that can last forever.

10 years ago, I was struck by this notion at the very first wedding I shot. As I walked into a small church in Gallatin, Tennessee, I felt a shift in my heart. A surprise. My life was given to a new call: to encapsulate beautiful moments and create memories with them…memories that overwhelm the darker times with a flooding light. These sacred moments become sacred memories, layered with context, nuanced with light and color and photography gives away the mysteries of the unseen:

• the way love floats between two people as they promise love and life to each other;
• the joy of a parents giving their daughter away;
• that split second of a new creation when two become man and wife;
• old love that is reignited at the celebration;
• the movements in the father-daughter dance, when she is still his princess…

Love is contagious… even for me personally; I walk away from my job almost every  weekend as a wedding photographer having more of a love for life. It is an honor to be invited into these intimate and eternal moments and to create art and story with them. And this is why I do what I must do – not out of obligation, but out of a calling to transform moments into memories.

Your wedding photographs are the chapter in your story you return to when you need to revive and remember. They are the place you go to show your children, their children, and even their children how new love blooms and how it grows with strong roots that will last a lifetime.

Practicalities + Logistics

If you ask my clients as to why they chose me to be their photographer, they would say that I put people at ease and help them relax and have fun while I am photographing them. I love lighting. I use many different types of light – sunsets, flashes, reflectors, strobes, etc. The lighting can really change the total look of a photograph. There are times to use natural lighting and there are times to use artificial lighting. The art of knowing how to combine all of the elements is one of my greatest strengths.

Destination weddings are my favorite and one of my specialties and it’s actually more affordable than you probably think! A unique relationship is formed as we plan your day, the shots and the story you want to tell. Each couple writes a unique story. I’ve had the
opportunity to travel the world and share in these glorious days with people from
farm towns in the plains to circus contortionists at a wedding in Quito, Ecuador. From pearls and perfectly pressed tuxedos in a church to cultural explosions in Jamaica & the Dominican Republic.

As the lead photographer and owner of Myrick Studios, I have put together a team of photographers so that I am able to offer customized packages to my clients. If someone says that they have a certain budget, and they want certain things, I will try to work with them to customize it for their budget. My goal is to always try to be finished with the photos 2-3 weeks after their wedding.

Would we make a good team? Do you have questions about the process of transforming moments into memories? Just ask! I would love to hear from you! Contact Us Today