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Myrick Studios Nashville Wedding Photography – Catching Up…

Hey guys!! I started working for Myrick after booking him to shoot my wedding on October 15, 2011. I will be updating the blog and giving wedding planning tips as well:)For you brides you know that is always helpful! Myrick has been busy all summer, shooting weddings every weekend and senior pictures as well!!

Brides- Many of us want to have a big wedding but can’t seem to find a place that will hold the people and plus the expense- the more people the higher the price. I have found the best idea that is economical and easy to put together! TENT PACKAGES!!! Find a beautiful home and look into doing a tent. With the tent packages you get the tent, lighting, dance floor, tables, chairs, linens, and generator…all for around $3000. THIS IS A GOOD DEAL!!! You do not have to worry about rental fees for the grounds if you find a nice home you you are getting all the necessities that you need in the package.

We will be keeping the blog updated…so keep checking for more ideas and Myrick’s latest work. :)

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