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Veronica & Steven • Married in Ecuador…

I met Veronica & Steven here in Nashville. Originally, they had contacted me to ask me if I would take pictures of them AFTER their wedding in Ecuador. After a few meetings and some serious praying on my part, they asked me to come to Ecuador to shoot their wedding! My response was, “Well, let me think about that… OK! YES!” I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing experience this was. I had never been to Ecuador so I had no idea as to what to expect.  When I arrived, Steven & his best man were there to greet me and take me to my hotel in downtown Quito, Ecuador.  I came in to Ecuador 5 days before their actual wedding so that I could shoot their engagement shoot in her hometown and be able to check out the city! I don’t think I have ever met nicer people.  In fact, one evening, I decided to go to the TGIFriday’s there in Quito, and luckily I met some Ecuadorians who spoke English really well!  They made me feel like one of their family members..even took me out the next day to show me around Ecuador!

I really appreciate Veronica & Steven trusting me enough to fly me down to shoot their wedding… it was an experience that I will never forget!


Here are a few shots that we did on their engagement shoot in Veronica’s hometown in Ecuador.


The image in the top left-hand corner is the view looking out the front door of this church. I was taking pictures of their ceremony and turned around and I was absolutely blown away by this view.  The picture doesn’t even do it justice. It was like looking out and seeing a painting by God.


Veronica & Steven asked me to ride along with them from the church to the reception to capture some of images of their ride. Even though I couldn’t understand a word that the driver was saying, I was so captivated by this guy.. he looked liked something from the movies!


The food in Ecuador….oh the food… I could go on forever about the food. At their reception, they had this amazing candy while guests arrived at the reception and for dinner, they served salmon that just melted in my mouth! The image in the top right was taken from the reception at sunset. Absolutely amazing…


For their first dance, Veronica wanted to surprise Steven by having fireworks go off during their song. She surprised me as well because I was just shooting away and about 30 second into their dance, I see this huge flame go off in my camera and I thought the place was on fire! But after the initial shock, I was able to make a few adjustments in my camera and capture these images below… I loved the bubbles and the fire together…


I can’t really put into words what their reception was like… not only did they have a 9-HOUR reception, (6pm-3am) but during one of those hours, they had a “CRAZY HOUR!” The “Crazy Hour” is a time where these guys came dressed up in costumes doing acrobats and playing drums! Unbelievable!! They also brought masks and fun hats for everybody to wear. At one point during the Crazy Hour, they had a contest where they would do a specific kind of acrobatic trick and they made members of the bridal party perform the SAME acrobatic trick as a contest to see which team was better! Too funny! A few of the bridesmaids were in total shock when they realized that they had to climb onto the groomsmen’s shoulders in their dresses and flip over BACKWARDS!


I love the look of this groomsman in the middle-right picture. I asked him what the look on his face was for…and he said, “dude, the bridesmaid had been dancing in her shoes for 7 hours and now those shoe-less feet were in my face!”


After a beautiful wedding and a reception that I will never forget, the next day Veronica & Steven wanted to do a “Day After” shoot. Here are some images from the shoot on my last night in Ecuador. I hope to get back soon! If you’d like to hear more details on how Veronica planned her wedding abroad, click this link!

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